Thursday, July 12, 2018

To My Friends at Bear Valley Church

July 12, 2018

To my friends at Bear Valley Church:

As we approach the upcoming "vision chat" meetings I want to remind you or maybe inform you for the first time of the vision and values that have made BVC the unique place that it is. The direction our church is being pushed at this time is a 180-degree flip from that.

The reason I bring this to a public forum is that many who feel the same way as are being intimidated into silence and many are quietly leaving.

Click on the link below to read the letter I sent to the deacons of Bear Valley Church related to concerns that I and many others have.

If you share my sentiments then I would encourage you to share this post and to speak your mind to the pastors and deacons. Hopefully things can be turned around.

With a heavy heart,

Philip Faustin

Dear Deacons of Bear Valley Church

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