Saturday, August 23, 2008

Whose Way?

Thoughts motivated by A Long Obedience in the Same Direction.

A person has to be thoroughly disgusted with the way things are to find the motivation to set out on the Christian way.
I would add, or keep on. We love our own way. I like to do things my way. Sometimes things have to get really messed up before there is the willingness to change direction. It might not always be stubbornness, sometimes it’s just apathy. It’s easy to travel in a rut.

I see many people who get in trouble or busted for something and show up at church or some other meeting. They are desperate, but not desperate enough. As soon as the crisis passes or the heat is turned down, they get back on the same path. “Things are okay, I’ll be alright.” Sometimes they are but many times not. Maybe they will come back at the next catastrophe or maybe they won’t be able to.

Lord, I pray that you would reveal my heart to me. Let me see how disgusting things really are. Help me to travel the long obedience in the same direction.


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