Saturday, September 6, 2008

Olive Tree

I have used the Olive Tree Bible Reader on a handheld for almost seven years. It has been my constant companion. I love having the Bible and other reference materials at my fingertips.

Here is what I carry with me: 23 Bibles, 2 commentaries, 2 Greek lexicons, 1 Bible dictionary, 9 Christian e-books, 3 daily devotionals, and 1 cross references. I access all of that through the Olive Tree Bible reader.

I have used the New American Standard Bible since I became a Christian in 1973. That was my first purchase from Olive Tree in 2001. Since then I have bought many other Bibles and reference materials. The cool thing though is that most of the material I use was free.

It is so nice as I do daily Bible reading to be able to flip to another Bible or reference material without having to go to the bookcase. It’s even better when I am at church or somewhere else. I can read in various versions, look up words and do advanced research any time I want.

So when I saw on the Olive Tree blog that they were looking for bloggers to try out complementary material I jumped at the chance. In coming posts I will write about the programs they made available. Until then, if you have a smart phone, Blackberry or other handheld check out Olive Tree yourself.


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