Sunday, September 18, 2011


The Greek word ekklēsía means "called out." In Scripture it is translated church, assembly or congregation.

God is calling us out of the world. Not just the ultimate of when we go to heaven but in our everyday lives.

So why is there such a movement to look, sound and act like the world? Do we show how "relevant" we are in this way?

Will the world flock to our church if the pastor is hip and the music sounds like what they are currently listening to?

Will the right facial hair and pair of glasses show we are cool? Do we need that certain pair of pants, shirt and "the look" to attract people to Jesus?

And what about things like TV, movies and music? Are we consuming the same things people of the world do, things that influence us in an ungodly way?

God is calling and he is calling us out. Seek to be like Jesus; imitate him and not some pagan celebrity, sports figure or rock star. Find out what it means to be an individual created in the image of God. When you succeed, know that you will be very unfashionable. The world may even hate you. But that's okay; Jesus has gone before us and many other godly witnesses too.

A sick and desperate world isn't looking for more of the same. The world will try to squeeze you into its mold but the people of the world are looking for Christians secure enough to live truth even when it's unpopular and costs a lot. They are looking for leaders and not lemmings.


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