Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Real Reason Behind Civil Unions and Homosexual Marriage

Most stories pushing the homosexual union/marriage agenda start with a sad story of some poor couple denied something because they didn't have the same rights as married people. This is used to gain sympathy from a gullible public - why should we deny this to people who love each other, etc.

How about if the story started out this way: "We are gay, we are out of the closet, and we will not be satisfied until we shove all of the Christians into a closet. We want to force you to violate your religious beliefs. If you own a bakery we will force you to make a cake to celebrate our union. If you are a photographer we will force you to celebrate our union by taking pictures of it." Do you get the point? These are real things that are happening and not the only examples.

The way the story is spun many times determines how people will feel about it. The truth is that homosexual activists do have an agenda. It's not that we tolerate them, accommodate them, accept them, etc. The agenda is to silence all opposition and force it into submission.

We can still love them and reach out to them but we should not be fooled by them.



  1. we vs. them......really?

    1. The thing to remember is it is not Christians who started this fight.

  2. Here is what Colorado Senator Pat Steadman said about his Civil Unions bill:

    "Go someplace where you can be as judgmental as you'd like," he said. "Go inside your church, and if you want to, set up separate water fountains in there — if you can. But don't claim your free exercise of religion requires the state of Colorado to maintain separate water fountains for her residents."

    Not accepting and supporting Civil Unions is framed as discrimination.


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