Sunday, April 28, 2013

How to Raise a Brat

I took Matt and Andy to the opening of the new Light Rail line yesterday. There were larger crowds than we encountered several years ago when the other section opened. At most of the stops there was music, businesses represented, and some games for the kids to play and a few giveaways. Oh, did I mention massive crowds?

I was reminded of how to raise a brat at one of the giveaways. You would spin a wheel and depending on where it landed you won various prizes. Of course many of the kids were disappointed that they didn’t get something other than what they won.

As we were getting ready to spin a dad brought his boy up and said that the child wanted to trade his cheesy prize for the coveted ball. The people at the booth obliged and then the dad tried to get the boy to give back the first prize of which bratty boy was unwilling to part with. He soon walked away with both, having learned that the threatened meltdown in public does get you what you want.

It was sad that the parent was unwilling to teach this little tyrant that you don’t always get what you want and that is how life is. Instead this reinforced behavior will lead to increased demands in the future and someday little boy will get slapped in the face by life and find out that he can’t bully everyone.

Many of us are screwed up later in life because we and others were unwilling to confront our lusts when they were budding. In the same way we have to take the small, good steps back to a healthy life.


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