Saturday, August 8, 2015

Do you believe in redemption?

If anyone ever qualified for the death penalty it would be James Holmes - the Aurora theater shooter/murderer.

I do believe in the death penalty. My only qualification is that our present justice system is not always righteous. There are times when prosecutors lie, withhold evidence or distort evidence. So it is possible that an innocent person could be convicted. Not so in the case of James Holmes.

What do I feel in my heart? Am I angry and resentful that he will not be put to death? Never mind the fact that if he had been given the death penalty, the appeals would go on for another ten or twenty years. That aside, what do I feel?

Is James Holmes beyond redemption? Oh, another thing: let's get rid of the mental illness issue. Have we forgotten about demon possession? That is Holmes real problem. And that is not an excuse for his behavior but something that should move us to compassion.

How does someone get demon possessed? Does it just happen all of a sudden through no fault of their own? I don't think so. I think it is the progression of sin acted upon and practiced. Choices are made; anger, hate and resentment build and in a subtle or dramatic way an invitation is given.

Can you, have you prayed for James Holmes? Wouldn't it be wonderful for the sin in his life to be untangled and his life and soul to be redeemed?

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