Sunday, October 15, 2017

Wisdom From my Friends

A few years ago I presented this to a group of friends who knew me fairly well and who also loved me. Over time I sat down with each of them and heard what they had to say. What I learned was very enlightening. Each said different things but there were also the recurring subjects. Their honesty was hard, more so for them. It can be tough to point out a person's flaws when you are not mad at them but what a gift it is. I now have a list of what I learned from them, a inventory I never could have come up with on my own.

I know I have problems that are more visible to others than to me and blind spots that I can't see at all. Could we get together so you could help me see better. Following are some questions I would like you to answer about me. I will listen, take notes, and promise to ponder your words. I will not contradict or argue or defend.

Where am I stuck?

What bad pattern do I return to?

What problem am I avoiding?

Where am I blind?

What is my most annoying habit?

What have I done really well?

What big thing have I overcome?

And of course, anything else you would like to point out.



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