Saturday, December 8, 2018

The Bible, The Church, & Homosexuality

This is the best message I have heard on how Christians should think about and relate to homosexuals. The whole series is almost two hours long but it is well worth the time to listen.

It was given at Fellowship Denver Church on July 13, 2012. The title of the series is: Romans Forum: The Bible, The Church, & Homosexuality.

Here is what they said about it:

Homosexuality is one of the most difficult modern issues for churches that want to be faithful to Scripture and love people well. Whether it personally affects each of us or not, it is good to wrestle through this issue because it touches on many aspects of Scripture’s teaching and our understanding of the gospel. In other words, this issue tends to demonstrate how skillfully (or not!) we understand and live out Scripture as a unified whole.

Here is the link to the two messages in the series:

Romans Forum: The Bible, The Church, & Homosexuality

This is not the exact notes referred to in the message but follows it fairly close and gives the background.


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