Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Dobson’s Critics Debunked

You are probably aware of some recent criticism of Dr. James Dobson by Colorado Right to Life and others. It relates to the recent Supreme Court Ruling upholding the ban on Partial Birth Abortion.

I think Dobson was singled out because he is an easy target. Another reason is that criticism of him almost guarantees media coverage. I know the people behind this attack on Dobson and I think I would be very accurate to say that media attention has become their god.

Colorado Right to Life historically was a very good group. In the past few years they have been taken over by a group of nuts. That is the most charitable way I can describe them. What the organization was in the past is not what it is today.

If the name Bob Enyart means anything to you, then you probably have an opinion about him. I have known Bob since 1990 and have seen him abuse the gifts that God gave him to manipulate people to his own ends. Bob is behind the changes at Colorado Right to Life. He hides behind their good name and is publishing his drivel as if it came from them. By using their name and reputation, he gets better media coverage.

As you can tell, I have a definite opinion about Bob. I probably know more of his history than anyone else in Colorado. It may seem that I have an ax to grind but what really motivates me is the knowledge of who he is and the damage that he does.

I have been slow to speak out on this recent escapade as Bob and the others he is working with can be very nasty and have little concern for truth.

I read two blog posts today that I thought were very good on the criticism against Dobson and I want to pass them on.

Here they are:

Dr. Dobson's Critics are Wrong

Examples of Legal Positivism

A good article from World Magazine on the positive results of the Supreme Court Decision is here.

Good critique of Enyart’s methods.

In my history with the prolife movement in Colorado, I have mostly seen times where various groups got along and worked together. We didn’t see everything exactly the same but we worked to the same end. It’s sad to see people now who take pride in the division they are bringing. With the resulting infighting, there will be less energy to fight the real enemy. What a horrible distraction.


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