Sunday, June 10, 2007

Effective prolife strategy

There is an interesting editorial in today’s Denver Post about the effectiveness of incremental prolife strategy. I would encourage you to read it here.

A battle is going on regarding the correct strategy to end abortion. One camp would push for a paramount human life amendment to the US Constitution that would establish personhood for the unborn and “settle” the issue. Others have worked to end abortion step by step, little law by little law. One problem in the latter approach is that many judges have rebuffed those laws, declaring them unconstitutional.

With the recent US Supreme Court decision upholding the ban on partial birth abortion things seem to be changing. Those who are good at analyzing what the court has said in this decision see many positive things from a prolife perspective. This editorial points out some of those and also how the incremental strategy is bearing fruit for future gains.

One thing that needs to be made clear is that those supporting the incremental approach are not saying that some abortions are okay. They are doing what they can do to save lives today. The goal is to end all abortions as quickly as possible.

Do take some time to read the editorial. It says things much better than I can. I would also direct you to my previous post on this subject if you haven’t read it already. It contains some links to excellent arguments on this subject.

May we find the grace to work together in ending abortion. The enemy of my enemy should be my friend.


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