Friday, December 12, 2008

Bible Knowledge Commentary

I have been using this commentary for a couple months now. It’s easily becoming one of my favorites.

On paper it’s two volumes and over 2500 pages. It’s not one of the most comprehensive but it seems to get to the meat of what you want to know about a verse or passage. Perfect when you are looking for what is most relevant and don’t need all the background. Written by professors from Dallas Seminary, it was published in 1985.

As with any commentary, it reflects the theological views of the editors. They are conservative, evangelical and hold to complete inerrancy of Scripture. Being from Dallas Seminary, they also write from a pretribulational, premillenial perspective. That said, I have found that various views are represented in the commentary when there is a difference of opinion in evangelical scholarship.

Last night in a Bible study the subject of divorce came up. I have done a lot of study on this subject. As the discussion was going on, I checked in the Bible Knowledge Commentary to see what was said related to several passages. In a few minutes, I learned some things I hadn’t known before.

I thank Olive Tree for making the Bible Knowledge Commentary available in a format that I can take with me. It’s on my handheld so I have it with me always.

BTW, what I learned was that even though I hold a fairly strict view concerning divorce and remarriage, the commentators of the second and third centuries held an even stronger view. This came from 1 Timothy 3:2 concerning an elder being the husband of one wife. The view was that any second marriage, even by widowers, prevented a man from serving. We may question that point but it sure is a long way from where we are today where people with multiple divorces serve as pastors, elders and deacons. These qualifications are not punitive but show what a high standard is required. Many of us don’t qualify for various reasons.

Anyway, I am glad to have access to the Bible Knowledge Commentary. It is a great tool in my Bible study arsenal.


Bible Knowledge Commentary

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