Thursday, April 16, 2009

Politicians and Pirates

Here in Colorado there isn’t a lot of difference between politicians and pirates.

What has me thinking this is the recent attempt of the Democratic controlled legislature to seize $500 million dollars of surplus workers’ compensation funds held and managed by Pinnacol. The State of Colorado is running short of money so the Democrats are sailing the high seas looking for plunder.

Politicians claim that because Pinnacol is quasi-governmental, they have a right to the money. It seems to me that the money belongs to the companies that paid into the fund. If there is a surplus, the companies should get a refund or lower premiums in the future. I can’t imagine how the government thinks the money is theirs. Then again I guess it’s the same as when the Federal government stole funds from the Social Security Trust Fund. Not much chance of that money being returned either.

The politician’s attitude reminds me of the Somali pirates that were killed this week after holding an American Captain hostage. Their buddies act all upset and now declare that America is the enemy because we protected some of our own. Never mind that they, as pirates, illegally boarded the ship and terrorized the crew at gunpoint in the attempt of getting a ransom.

When Pinnacol vows to fight the Colorado legislature’s threat to seize their funds, the politicians retaliate by claiming Pinnacol has a fancy office and that their workers are paid too much. I guess the Somali pirates use the same logic. The people passing near their country have too much so it is their right to seize it.

I wish the politicians both State and Federal would learn to operate under the same rules that responsible Americans use. If our income is decreased we cut expenses. If we seize someone else’s funds we are called a thief and end up in jail.


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