Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ryrie Study Bible Notes

I added the Ryrie Study Bible Notes to my handheld Bible study arsenal a couple months ago. The cool thing about them on my PDA is that I can use them with whatever Bible version I am currently reading.

In addition to notes on most verses (over 10,000) there are also introductions of the Old and New Testaments and each of the books. There are also outlines of each book.

The notes provide helps on historical or archaeological background, translation or interpretation ideas, word definitions, doctrines and other passages that bear on the verse at hand.

The introductions give information on the author, background and contents of the books and the outlines show at a glance what is going on in the book.

At the end of the notes there is an index of principal characters and subjects. You can look up people and things and find verses where they are mentioned. There is also a synopsis of Bible doctrines. Rather than a lot of text explaining the doctrine, it is like an outline with reference to verses that support the doctrine. The thing I like about that is you can read the verse and see the support or lack yourself.

Charles C. Ryrie is Professor Emeritus at Dallas Theological Seminary. In addition to the Ryrie Study Bible, he has authored many books including Balancing the Christian Life, Basic Theology and Survey of Bible Doctrine.

The Ryrie Study Bible Notes are a great addition to a Bible study library. I got my copy from Olive Tree. Having them on my handheld makes using them with any Bible version easy and they are with me wherever I go.


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Ryrie Study Bible Notes

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