Monday, July 18, 2011


I get a message from my emergency phone number. Someone calling The Handymen. Not just leaving a message but calling the special number. They need help right away!

It's my neighbor. The power is out in half of his house. He wonders if I have the name of an electrician. He sounds desperate. He has done what he can; no help there.

It's not the kind of problem you want to leave or wait for tomorrow. The refrigerator is out and it's getting hot in the house. I know his wife is going through chemotherapy and the heat is hard for her to bear.

I tell him who I know about and hope he can get help soon. I'm then reminded to say a prayer. God can help in these type of situations too.

I'm reminded of one of our recent emergencies. The furnace quit working and freezing weather was on the way. I was glad to pay to get it fixed.

It seems in many emergencies we need other people. Wisdom and help come if we ask. It's not a time to keep to ourselves and try to take care of it alone. Even moral support goes a long way.

Maybe that's the gift in some of these situations. A certain bond us formed when you share your emergencies with someone else. Out of the terror comes a memory. Some pleasant and some we don't want to recall. If there us someone else to share that memory with, joy is doubled or sorrow is halved.


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