Monday, July 4, 2011

Sunshine, Storms and Fears

A day starts out good - really good. Then out of nowhere things change; from bright sunshine to stormy clouds, thunder and lightning.

Later in a book I'm reading, I come across some information on the almost complete failure of long term weight loss. Don't we all know people who always seem to be on a diet? Weight is lost and then soon or over time it comes back with even more.

This is particularly concerning to me. I lost 70 pounds in the last year. I knew I didn't just need to lose weight but needed to change my lifestyle. That is what I did but it’s scary to think that old behaviors and habits could return.

Sometimes it seems we control very little about our life. There is so much external stuff that comes along that pushes us in all the wrong directions. Pity the person who thinks it's all a matter of willpower. If it is, then most of us are sunk. I can hardly control my moods let alone the rest of my life.

The only consolation I have is that I belong to the one who holds the world in his hands. He is working to accomplish good in my life. He can do the stuff that needs to be done so moods don't rule my life, so other people and all their junk done mess up my life and so I can continue in the good changes he has brought to my life.

Rambling thoughts but that's what is up with me today.


P.S. Otherwise a very nice day.

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  1. Great post Philip. It's been awhile since we've been together. hmmmm, I might not recognize you. Maybe send me a picture. :) Your post is also relevant to every facet of our lives not just eating. It is very difficult to make life changes. Ultimately, things of the heart need to change before life styles can change. Partnering with God is the only way. Hope to see you sometime.



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