Monday, March 31, 2014

Goodbye Aunt Lena

I will be going to the funeral of my Aunt Lena today. She was my Dad's sister.  Ninety-years is a good long time on this earth.

Here is a tribute I wrote to her last year for her 90th birthday.

Dear Aunt Lena,

One of my fondest memories is the stuffing you would make for the Thanksgiving turkey. It is something I could crave. I think I would be willing to trade every other yummy thing that is served on Thanksgiving if I could just have that stuffing. I remember being at your house on Hooker Street as the dinner was prepared and served. There was a lot of fun as all of the kids played together and sometimes we would watch old home movies that I loved seeing. 

I must mention Torta. I could eat slab after slab of that stuff. What a treat it was when you would send a stacked up plate of it home with me. Can I confess that not all of it arrived? The ride home usually involved peeling back the foil and having some on the way. You did your best to pass the recipe on to Wendy but we have never been able to get it right. Is there a secret you are holding back?

I remember the summer that you shared Marlene with our family. Uncle John would drop her off and she would do her best to keep order in our house; no small task with a kid like me. My mom was sick and gone for a time and Marlene was a gift to my Dad and to David, Lucille and I. 

I cannot express in words how much the cards that you sent on my birthday with kind words and encouragement have meant to me. Many times, they have been like water on parched land.
No amount of praise I could send your way would be adequate to say how much I appreciate the blessing you have been in my life. 

Happy Birthday and thank you so much. 

Philip Faustin

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