Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Eating Too Much

Why do I eat too much? I know I do because of the bulge around my waist. I would guess it's at least an extra forty pounds. I'm sure carrying around the extra fat makes me more tired than I would be otherwise. I know it's not healthy.

So why do I eat too much? I've heard about food being a comfort. I don't think that's it. Sometimes I eat from boredom; pass through the kitchen and grab something.

I used to supplement my lunch from home with some fast food but I gave that up about six months ago.

What I find is that I like food too much and I like to be full. If something is good, I pile my plate. I eat most of the time until I am stuffed. There is my problem.

And there is my bondage. It's hard to admit. To do so I have to admit I am weak. I can't control an area of my life and I need help.

I pray for God's help and I make confession. That's a start but not the end.

Have you been on this path? What advice can you give? Or maybe you have lessons from another area.

Let me blame it on the woman: my wife is a great cook; too bad the food tastes so good.


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