Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wholesome Speech

One of my biggest problems in life is my speech. Many times I say things I shouldn't or I say things in a mean, cutting way. I have improved through the years but I still have a way to go.

It's something I ask God to help me with. I want to speak words that are a blessing.

I came across the following in my morning reading. It was included in a discussion of the greek word that is translated good. What stood out to me was the instruction on good speech.

With that in mind, using the meaning of agathos as our guide, let us test ourselves daily by asking a series of questions:

1. Is what I am about to say or do benevolent? Is it kind, compassionate, and caring?
2. Is what I am about to say or do profitable, beneficial, and useful? Will it accomplish something? Is it constructive or destructive? Will it help or hinder? Is it positive or negative?
3. Is what I am about to say or do excellent? Is it just good or eminently good, the best thing to say or do?
4. Is what I am about to say or do virtuous? Is it righteous, honorable, and moral? Does it avoid suggestiveness, vulgarity, and crudeness?
5. Is what I am about to say or do suitable? Does it fit the moment? Is it proper? Is it appropriate?

From: A Word for the Day
Key Words from the New Testament
May this become true in my life.


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