Saturday, March 15, 2008

Time for Change?

How would you like to be in Eliot Spitzer's shoes right now?

How would you like to be living the nightmare of having your deepest secrets revealed on the front page of the nation's newspapers?

What's your secret? We all have them and most of us share something else - we don't have a place where we can be honest.

Let's admit it, most churches or men's groups are not safe. It shouldn't be that way but it is. It's true even in the small things. Where can I talk about what is really going on in my life? Where can I admit that I need help as a parent, that my marriage is messed up and I'm worried how I am going to pay the bills.

Or how about the other stuff? What about those bad habits? What about that thing you just can't shake? What about that stuff that is threatening your very existence? Deep down you want help but the fear of what will happen if someone else knows, keeps you suffering in silence and defeat has become the norm.

Or, maybe this isn't you but it's someone you know. You have a friend who is stuck. He wants to go the right way but just can't get moving or keep moving.

I offer hope. There is a path out of the mess. There are other guys on their way who would welcome more traveling companions.

The Samson Society is a group of men who are learning what true friendship and authenticity is all about.

It's not a place of finger pointing or where some guys exercise superiority other others. It's a safe, confidential place where you can begin the walk you've heard about or maybe had once.

In Denver we meet on Saturday night for about an hour then go hang out at a restaurant. For some of us, it's become the highlight of our week. Our lives are changing and we are becoming the men we want to be.

For more information, check out the web pages for the Denver Samson Society or the national Samson Society.


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