Saturday, April 30, 2011

Naked and Unashamed

We all want to be naked. We all want to go back to the garden where nothing was hidden. Instead, we all do a lot of work covering ourselves with fig leaves.

The world is obsessed with sex but what we really want is to be naked with someone and unashamed. To lay in the darkness; to know that this person next to me knows me and still loves me.

I want friendship where I am transparent. I want people to know everything about me and to still love me. Or even just one person.

I am afraid. I am filled with shame. I am a lousy person. I am not competent. I am a failure. I am a sinner. I have committed big sins. You don't know how bad I really am. There are many reasons to cover with leaves.

Fig leaves; they come in many styles and sizes. We all look very fashionable but inside we hurt - big.

I want to be naked.


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