Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sharing Jesus at Work

I read this yesterday and thought it was very good.

Here are a few suggestions to help you proclaim Christ in your place of work:

Work in ways that show you're a competent employee. A poor employee doesn't have much of an opportunity to be a good witness.

Always act ethically. If you don't, please don't tell anyone you're a Christian, and certainly don't try to get them to be like you.

Relate with care, concern, and fairness to all customers and fellow employees. Be especially attentive to this matter if you're in management.

Be respectful of the right of fellow employees to their own beliefs. Respect begins with listening.

As opportunities for conversation arise, talk with ease about what your faith means to you. Don't let proclaiming Christ degenerate into "arguing about religion." Let your fellow workers know how your faith helps you.

From God's Man by Don Aycock

This fits too:
Preach the gospel wherever you go; when necessary, use words.
~Saint Francis of Assisi


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