Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ultimate (bad) Breakfast Platter

I stopped at Burger King yesterday for a cup of coffee (and nothing else). I was intrigued by their breakfast menu especially the Ultimate Breakfast Platter. It is the kind of breakfast I loved before I changed eating habits; never mind that I was usually lethargic after.

I pulled out my IPod and opened a nutrition app. I soon found out that this breakfast wonder has 1310 calories. Bad unless you are going to hardly eat anything the rest of the day. The real damage comes from fat, sodium and cholesterol.

Here is the bad news based on a 2000 calorie diet: 72 grams of fat; 65 is the max.  455 mg of cholesterol; 300 is the max. 2490 mg of sodium; 2400 is the max although the FDA is now recommending 1500. So the Ultimate is not a very good breakfast choice.

Breakfast is a very important meal and one that should not be skipped. It also shouldn’t be one that starts the day off bad nutrition wise.

Here is a link to other posts about my weight loss journey.


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  1. Hey Philip,

    My name is Katie Owen, and I am writing a piece on fast food and saw your BK Ultimate Breakfast Platter photo. If we linked back to your website - could we use it?


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