Monday, May 23, 2011

The “homeless” guy on the corner

I’m told that his name is Chris. He has been on a corner near our house for several years. He moves to a different one once in a while. He’s been on my prayer list for a year and a half. I pray for healing of his mind and that he would come to know Jesus.

Yesterday I was on a walk to the grocery store and saw him on his regular corner. I decided I would try to talk to him. I asked him how it was going and he said not good. I asked what and he said no one was stopping and giving to him. He also said he had a horrible headache.

I decided I would get him something to drink in the store. Then I decided I would get him a sandwich too. On my way back home I asked him if he wanted something to eat and drink. He said he would take it and then told me that he couldn’t eat – his stomach upset from the headache. I said he should try to drink something but he said he couldn’t. I suggested maybe he could try a little sip but he said no. He then told me that the only thing that would help is if he got an IV from the doctor and that it cost $20.00 and he didn’t have that.

I talked to him a little more. I told him I was sorry for his condition. As I walked away I saw him drop the sack of food and drink in a bush. He then went back to his corner.

I wondered after if the “doctor” was a drug dealer? I know that when going through withdrawal, food and drink are far from your mind. Maybe that is part of his problem.

I now have more to think about as I pray for him. I’m glad that I didn’t give him money. He needs more that I can give to him. He needs Jesus.


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