Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Cathedral of Trees and Praise

I start my mornings on the front porch now. I make coffee and put out bird seed. I hope the song birds get it before the squirrels.

There is something different here. This is God's place. Not that He isn't in the house but it's different out here. The birds present a symphony of praise. The trees raise their branches in praise. All of nature screams of God.

The green of the grass and leaves, the blue sky and the brown dirt; just common colors but beautiful. I can't even begin to name the colors of all the flowers. I would need that huge box of crayons to help.

All of nature...except one. Me and you. Mankind. We are different. We resist. We don't praise.

Busyness closes our eyes to blessings. Competing things. Numbing things.

Shake off the slumber. Look around. God is good. He is great! Even with all our troubles our lives are immensely blessed. We should be screaming - with the trees and birds and the rest of creation.

But at this hour, my screams will be silent, in my heart, lest my family and neighbors think I have gone mad.

Join me.


1 comment:

  1. This is beautifully worded, a reflection of the conflict between nature and man and God


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