Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Different and Less Difficult Hill

Today was hot but a bike ride sounded good. I didn't know where I would end up but I decided to head west. That way it's uphill there and mostly downhill back.

I would be alone. Matt and Andy had other things going. I miss them when they don't come. Without them I will pedal my fastest. My heart will beat hard and my breathing will be fast.

I start near Sheridan and Evans in Denver. Soon I am on Jewell nearing Kipling. I look ahead to a hill I rode up as a teenager. At that time it seemed steep and long. Not so much now.

After a day at work, my legs are tiring early. The hill I just dismissed as easy is proving to be a little more. I persist and soon it is behind me. The last time I rode that hill was 40 years ago. I think I did it faster this time.

Fifteen years old, on the way to my friend’s house and probably up to no good.

If Jesus hadn't come into my life things would have been much different now - in a bad way. I know the path I was on. It wouldn't have ended in a good place. I know many people who stayed on that bad path. I can see in their lives what only the mercy and grace of God spared me from.

I am very thankful.


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