Thursday, November 24, 2011


I was hit by a car yesterday. I was near the end of a great bike ride on a beautiful afternoon. I was about 10 minutes from home after a 20 mile ride.

I had a green light and headed into the crosswalk. The driver of the car was making a right turn on the red light. Thankfully I hit the side of his car rather than him broadsiding me.

The driver made a mistake. He should have looked to the right before turning. I know I have done the same thing myself.

What a jumble of memories I have of the accident. Things are coming to me this morning that I didn't remember yesterday. I have a slight pain in my left rib. That is where my body hit the car. Right after the collision I felt okay. Someone came to my aid and was asking if they should call an ambulance. I didn't think that was necessary. I didn't hit that hard, although there was quite a dent in his front fender right above the tire.

I expected my bike to be bent up. It ended up better than I thought. After some adjustments I rode it home.

The driver made a mistake that could have ended up worse for both of us. He will have some consequences and once my bike gets repaired or replaced I should be okay. I'm thankful for minimal damage.

I could have been in his place. He was more shook up than I was. I'm glad I wasn't the one who had messed up this time. But maybe I did. My wife said I should have called the police. Maybe so. What if he denies responsibility later she questioned. I don't think he will. He didn't seem like that type of a person. I probably should have called someone to help me think straight.

I called him on the phone later. He was very sorry and still upset. I imagine he will have his own flashbacks. It had to be very traumatic for him too.

So on this Thanksgiving Day I am very grateful for many things. I am also grateful that we can learn through our mistakes and that in God's mercy we get cut a lot of slack.

It's good to remember these things.


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