Friday, December 21, 2007

Don’t Borrow Trouble

From my morning reading.

You have a disagreeable duty to do at twelve o'clock. Do not blacken nine, and ten, and eleven, and all between, with the color of twelve. Do the work of each, and reap your reward in peace. So when the dreaded moment in the future becomes the present, you shall meet it walking in the light, and that light will overcome its darkness. The best preparation is the present well seen to, the last duty done. For this will keep the eye so clear and the body so full of light that the right action will be perceived at once, the right words will rush from the heart to the lips, and the man, full of the Spirit of God because he cares for nothing but the will of God, will trample on the evil thing in love, and be sent, it may be, in a chariot of fire to the presence of his Father, or stand unmoved amid the cruel mockings of the men he loves.

George MacDonald
From Daily Strength for Daily Needs
- Mary Tileston

One of my wife Wendy’s favorite sayings is, “don’t borrow trouble”. She will say it when I am talking about something that may or may not happen in the future. Her words and the above words are a reminder to live well in the present. Do what needs to be done now and deal with the future when and if it comes.


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