Monday, December 3, 2007

Rick Warren is off the Reservation

Rick Warren is off the Reservation

I thought this is a very good post from the LTI blog. Not just the part about Rick Warren but how people become the self-anointed spokesman for whatever.

How easy it is to think that because we are good with one thing that we can be good with everything. That is one lesson I have learned as a handyman. I can do many things very well and there are a lot of things I leave alone. It's good to know your limitations. It keeps you from getting in over your head.

I had a friend who was on a Focus on the Family broadcast in the early 90's. He had become very popular in the prolife movement. He told me that as they walked down the hall to the studio, James Dobson advised him, "don't believe your own press." Sadly, he didn't listen and became very arrogant over time.

We all get our 15 minutes of fame and sometimes a little more. Don't get used to it and don't sell out to keep it going.


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