Thursday, April 13, 2017

Fagor LUX Multi Cooker

Before I brought this home, I asked permission from my wife because it would go on the kitchen counter. I didn't want it if it had to be on a high shelf or down in the basement. She agreed even though, as part pressure cooker, it terrified her: "What if it blows up?" Hey, this is a modern invention; It has to be safe.

So the rice cooker and crock pot went downstairs and the multi cooker took their place. It does it all: Pressure Cook (High and Low), Slow Cook, (High and Low), Yogurt Maker, White Rice, Brown Rice, Risotto, Simmer, Steam, Saute, and Brown. Are you excited yet?

Risotto! Have you ever made it? Very time consuming and labor intensive but now it's so easy. One of my favorite things - so delicious! The white or brown rice cooks much faster as well.

I bought the 6 quart model which is just the right size for us. There is also 4 and 8 quart model.

I must admit though, my wife will still drag out the old rice cooker and crock pot sometimes. I have hope that over time and with more experience she will find true love. I know I have.

So, check out this amazing appliance and you might find yourself on the Loveboat. I should also say that hipsters love these things so that makes me feel special.

For more info: Fagor LUX Multi Cooker at Amazon

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