Monday, April 24, 2017

Train Your Brain for Success by Roger Seip

This book has been very influential in a lot of the growth that has happened in my life in the last year.

It's not a book that you can read, set aside, and then expect results. It requires a lot of work but the payoff is huge.

The most powerful thing I received from this book is a set of core values. These are the things I most want to happen in my life but will not come about on their own. As I review them daily, I am amazed how clear and concise they are. That is a result of the exercises in the book that helped me develop them. As I go through my day and life I question whether what I am doing lines up with these core values. The decision is then easy: I either choose growth or regression.

My Core Values - click to enlarge

Here are some of the other things this book covers: improving your memory, increasing reading speed and comprehension, how to set and accomplish goals, how to overcome the barriers to good changes in your life, myths of time management and how to accomplish what is really important, how to take some time each week to analyze the week ahead so that all of the good things get done, how to manage your energy.

As I said, to do these things will require a lot of hard work. The other option is to live a mediocre and wasted life.

Get after it!

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