Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Bong Hits for Jesus

Is this statement pro drug, pro Jesus or nonsense?

The U.S. Supreme court heard arguments related to this controversy yesterday. Back in 2002, a group of students held the banner as the Olympic Torch passed by. I would think anyone with common sense would see the banner as a publicity stunt with a nonsense message. Would anyone think the message made sense?

The kids were across the street from their school and on their own time when this happened. The school principal ran across the street, took the banner and suspended a student. Click here for more details.

I can relate to the suspended student. I take a group of prolifers to local high schools each spring and fall. The students are usually receptive; it is the teachers and administrators who have a fit. Of course, we are not welcome in the schools so we have to set up on the public sidewalk in front of the schools.

On many occasions we have had officials from the school tell us we are not allowed on the sidewalk. After we educate them on the constitution, they usually leave us alone although the police have been called many times. If they had their way, we wouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the schools. Thank God for our constitution!

In the Bong case, we have students on their own time across from the school. No laws were violated yet a principal decided her authority supersedes the right of free speech.

I hope the court rules the right way on this case. If they don’t, it would set a row of dominoes falling and you can be sure the Christian and prolife message would suffer harm.


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