Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Offend Not the Homosexual

It seems a new cardinal rule is: do not offend homosexuals. Hollywood fawns over them; even Christians hold them in high regard. It’s so vogue to be one.

But whatever you do, don’t infer in any way that there may be something wrong with them morally or in any other way. In fact, they are probably superior to straight people.

The story to the right is a good example (click on it to read). The objective is to silence the opposition. If someone at any level of government praises sodomy, they are applauded in the media, so we know the dither is not because of a job someone may hold.

Or what about Super Bowl winning coach, Tony Dungy, who is being harassed by homosexuals for agreeing to speak at an Indiana Family Institute dinner. The offense? The group defines marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

There is also pressure against Christian ministers who speak out against this sin. Many politicians are working on strategy to make it illegal but for now, many in the pew will do the job. If a pastor speaks out, he will face a firestorm in many churches. He is accused of being anti-gay. We get caught up in the hate the sin love the sinner thing but are afraid to speak with the same intensity that the Bible uses.

Yes, God loves them and we should too but we should not accept being bullied. We must fight the effort to make homosexual behavior seem mainstream and just another of many equal choices. It’s not, and the homosexual activists know it, that’s why they resort to harassment and force to advance their agenda. It won’t happen otherwise.

Stand strong!


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