Wednesday, August 29, 2007

By Chance

On my son’s blog, he raised the thought that sometimes we question why God didn’t do something when the true question should be why we didn’t do something. I came across this in my reading today and I thought it went well with Phil’s thoughts.

How many are the sufferers who have fallen amongst misfortunes along the wayside of life! “By chance” we come that way; chance, accident, Providence, has thrown them in our way; we see them from a distance, like the Priest, or we come upon them suddenly, like the Levite; our business, our pleasure, is interrupted by the sight, is troubled by the delay; what are our feelings, what our actions towards them? “Who is thy neighbor?” It is the sufferer, wherever, whoever, whatsoever he be. Wherever thou hearest the cry of distress, wherever thou seest any one brought across thy path by the chances and changes of life (that is, by the Providence of God), whom it is in thy power to help,–he, stranger or enemy though he be,–he is thy neighbor.

Arthur Penrhyn Stanley.
From Daily Strength for Daily Needs
- Mary Tileston


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