Monday, August 20, 2007

Samson Society

I came across this group several weeks ago. I am intrigued by it. Here is a description of the society:

The Samson Society is a fellowship of Christian men who are serious about authenticity, community, humility and recovery - serious, but not grave. Samson guys are traveling-companions on a great spiritual adventure, not grim pilgrims on a death march to personal holiness. We challenge each other daily to believe the incredible news that God actually knows us, loves us, and has restored us to himself. As we follow Christ together, we find our lives progressively interrupted by righteousness, peace and joy.

We are not a church.
We are simply one extension of the church universal.

We are not an "accountability group."
Instead of living our lives separately and reporting (or lying) about our progress, we try to live our lives together.

We are not a "men's group."
Okay, so there are no women, but that doesn't make us a men's group, does it? Please. Most of us have had it up to here with men's groups.

We are not a 12-step group.
Sure, most of us have been trapped in some kind of compulsive activity, but our addictions do not define us, and we do not segregate our membership by behavior.

We are not perfect.
Not even close. We are broken individuals, but in our fractured fellowship we find a foretaste of God's approaching re-creation.

For more information about the society, listen to the message
I, Samson.

I read the book by one of the founders called Samson and the Pirate Monks. It deepened my hunger to walk like this with other men.

I want to see a chapter formed here in Denver. Anybody with me?


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