Saturday, August 18, 2007

Lust Part 2

So here are my thoughts as I have pondered more this week and also reflected on the comments made on Lust.

Through the years I have thought about my inability to control what I eat. In general, I am a very disciplined person. I go to bed at a good time, I get up early enough to have time with God and get to work on time. I am a creature of habit for good and bad. But it has really bothered me that my discipline doesn’t work in the area of food control.

It seems dumb that I can control what I look at with my eyes but not what my mouth wants.

This week has been eye opening to me. Just confessing that I have a problem has been a good start. I have also been reading some things that have helped put the puzzle together as well.

For some guys their sin seems so big that they are afraid to confess it. Mine seemed so small that I was afraid to confess it. As I understand it now, I know it is not small. It symbolizes that I am controlled by something other than God.

I am learning that I can’t do anything good by myself. There is no good thing that dwells in me. If there is something good, it is from God not me. He wants to be glorified in my weakness. When I am weak then He can be strong. Or should I say, when I realize I am weak then He can be strong.

I am as weak as the guy on the prowl for prostitutes. We both may be on east Colfax – he looking for human flesh, me for a hamburger. We both need Jesus. We both need the power that God can give. We both fail when we try to do it by ourselves.


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