Thursday, April 10, 2008

Gang Baby

It’s hard to raise kids these days. Just ask Joseph Manzanares and his former girlfriend.

Manzanares was arrested this weekend after a fight at the local video store. According to reports, he knocked over a computer, a magazine stand and was yelling obscenities at the girlfriend.

When the police arrived, they found out that the couple had been together for four years and have a child. The police asked why the couple were no longer together. The mother responded that they have “different ideas about how the baby should be raised.”

The officer asked what she meant by that. She responded that the two of them belong to different street gangs and “they could not agree on which gang the baby would claim.”

And I thought I had problems. My wife and I have disagreed many times during the twenty-six years we have been raising children but this is a new one.

Life is a surprise and some people are beyond dumb. This couple should be on Jerry Springer.

Here is the story.


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