Monday, April 28, 2008

Talking Sex

I came back Sunday night from a wonderful weekend trip to the Grand Canyon with my seventeen-year-old son. As I flipped through the Denver Post, I came across a Colorado Voices column written by Mark Thrun. It was given priority placement on the front page of the Perspective section. I was vexed and my mood was deflated.

Called Talking (shhh) sex, the column amounted to an attack on those who think it is a good idea to teach children to abstain from sex until married. A doctor by profession, Mark Thrun made himself out to be a professional and a concerned parent. A simple Google search of his name filled me in on what his real dog was in this fight. If you are interested then look for yourself.

That aside, Dr Thrun, parroted the old myth of “safe (unmarried teen) sex.” Just throw on a condom, (properly) and your worries are gone. Declare yourself emotionally ready and copulate like mad. Teach sex education in the schools and all will be well.

Yes, I am in favor of teaching children to abstain from sex until they are married but what I really want them to know is how dangerous sex can be. I want them to know that a condom, properly applied, will not protect them from STDs; it will not protect their heart either.

There is an epidemic of STDs amongst young people. Part of that epidemic is created by teens believing that as long as they use a condom they are safe. It’s time to admit that the condom evangelists are not telling the truth. It’s time to quit blaming those who advocate abstinence. It’s time to tell the truth of what sex was intended for and the blessing of sex in it’s proper place and the curse of it’s abuse.


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