Friday, April 25, 2008

Grand Canyon Trip

Friday 10:00pm

I am in Kayenta, Arizona as I write this. My son Micah and I left Denver at 7:30 this morning for the trip of a lifetime. We go to the Grand Canyon tomorrow.

I have been there before, close to thirty years ago, when my wife and I lived on the Hopi reservation. We lived near Tuba City, Arizona in the village called Moenkopi.

Tomorrow morning Micah and I will have breakfast in Tuba and then drive about an hour and a half to the Canyon.

It's the trip of a lifetime because I get to do it with this son and this time in his life will never come again.

I will always remember it and I hope he will treasure the memories too.

I will get to be there when he has his first view of the vastness of the canyon. I remember my first look. It was the actual feeling of having my breath taken away. We will take pictures but they will never capture what the human eye sees.

So that is what I look forward to. But even more than that, I treasure three days alone with my son. I hope that will be a memory even greater than seeing the Grand Canyon.


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