Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mars - See it for yourself

This morning around 6:50, I was looking out our front window (facing west) and saw a bright light that I figured must be a planet. It was fairly light out by then.

I remembered reading that Mars was going to be at it’s closest to earth in two years this week. I checked a sky chart and sure enough, what I was seeing was Mars. I made a note to take a look earlier tomorrow morning so it would be darker.

If you are up early this week, take a look in the lower western sky and you will see a reddish glow; that’s it. Saturn is visible in the southwestern sky at the same time. Mars is also visible all night if you look earlier. At around midnight it would be higher in the southern sky with the Moon to the west and Saturn to the east.

I don’t know a whole lot about the sky but it’s cool to see some of these gems of God’s creation.


PS If you have a good telescope you may even be able to see Mark Driscoll on one of the Mars hills.

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