Friday, February 10, 2017

Humility - How and Why

Humility is not an easy virtue to cultivate, for it requires that we deliberately make ourselves vulnerable to others. Humility demands that we routinely seek out criticism and risk appearing weak or incompetent by admitting flaws and mistakes.

Humility is a virtue that disappears the moment we are confident that we have achieved it. It requires constant reflection, self-assessment, transparency, and accountability, all of which can be extremely painful to do even once, let alone repeatedly. But if we want to know ourselves and build our strengths while minimizing our weaknesses, then that is precisely what we must do. If we can manage to stay the course, we will find that not only will we become better at what we do but, more important, we will get deeper insight into who we truly are. Humility that's lays the foundation for every follow-on virtue.

~From The Leader's Code by Donovan Campbell

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