Friday, February 3, 2017

Red Sea Road

I really like the music of Ellie Holcomb. Her lyrics are so full of meaning and encouragement. When I read the following, I ordered her latest CD, Red Sea Road, on the day it came out:

"The past two years for our community have been heavy, full of suffering and loss. Red Sea Road is a record full of songs about how I’ve seen God show up in the middle of all the pain. I know now more than I did two years ago that He is faithful, no matter what we are facing. I’ve seen Him draw near to our broken hearts and make a way to keep going when there seemed to be no way. There’s an Ann Voskamp blog post where she describes it like this:

'…we believe that an unseen Hope makes a Red Sea Road when there seems to be no way.'

This record is celebrating the unseen Hope we have in Jesus, and the way I’ve seen Him make Red Sea Roads through some of the most difficult & heartbreaking years of my life."

You can listen to samples here:
Red Sea Road

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