Saturday, February 4, 2017

Pastors and Politics

Today I heard a pastor proudly proclaim that only about five people in his church know his political views. That seemed sad to me.

The message I get from that is that the gospel has nothing to say about politics and that God probably doesn't care either.

I don't think he is alone. He is probably representative of most pastors and churches. But why? It could be from the mistaken view that a pastor should not talk about politics. It could also be that numbers and money are a deciding factor; don't upset people so that they quit coming or giving.

I think God has an opinion about politics and a reason why. If the church doesn't view the political realm as a place where discipleship can happen then we do a great disservice to the ignorant masses who sit in the pews. If they never hear about these things from the pulpit then the world and media will gladly fill the vacuum.

What do you think?

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