Saturday, December 16, 2006

Disposals Are For Babies Not For Fish

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In reading today’s Rocky Mountain News and I came across an interesting article. The basic story is some guy breaks into his ex-girlfriends house and throws her little fish into the garbage disposal. Yes, he flipped the on switch.

For breaking into her home he was rightly charged with criminal trespass, a felony. The bizarre addition is that he was also charged with aggravated cruelty to animals, which is also a felony.

Please understand that I’m not minimizing the true criminal act this guy did. He should be punished for breaking into the home.

I looked at the cruelty statute (Click here for CRS 18-9-202) and I guess I’m guilty as well. I must confess that I have stepped on bugs just to squish them. I have taken a magnifying glass and caused caterpillars to burn. I have ripped the legs off bugs. I’m serious, these things are criminal acts from my reading of the law and the interpretation that the Denver District Attorney’s office is giving to it. We have some sea monkeys in the window and the water is looking a little cloudy; is this criminal neglect? When we flushed the goldfish down the toilet, were we flirting with jail time?

Now here is my real point. There are people who are outraged and cry because a fish was ground up in a garbage disposal but they would defend the right of an abortionist to kill babies and grind up their little bodies.

Back in 1992 I was involved in publicizing such an activity. It was at the Mayfair Abortion mill in Aurora; it’s still there. The short story is that Curtis Stover, an abortionist from Arkansas, was going to buy the place from James Parks. He was learning how to operate the business and how things were done. At the end of the day came the time to deal with the babies. An old-fashioned meat grinder was assembled and one by one, the baby’s bodies were ground up and flushed down the sink. Dr. Stover ended up vomiting when he observed this. Now imagine that from a guy who makes his living dismembering babies.

In the end, nothing was ever done. It’s completely legal to kill human babies and do whatever you want with them after that.

Just remember, grinders are for babies not for fish.

Here is the material that Stover sent to the Colorado Health Department.

In mourning for our culture,


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