Monday, December 11, 2006

To my Pastor

On the loss of your unborn child.

Dear Dan and Trina,

Both of you and your little one fill my thoughts today. I want to tell you how much I love you and want to share in your grief.

So many questions wander through our minds. Why? Why at all if for so short a time? I sit quietly with you. I wonder also.

The answers seem to come so slow; sometimes they seem not to come at all. It makes me feel so small. But then, He is so big.

God, we ask you why. Do you hear us? I know you do...? I know that you have reasons. Can I wait? I’m not sure but I will try.

I hear that your little one was beautiful, tiny fingers and toes. He lives now. He is with Jesus, leaping and running. Asking questions. More alive than we can comprehend. Your separation from this one is so painful but the day will come when you will be reunited. I look forward to meeting him. Maybe the children Wendy and I lost will introduce us. I’m sure they know each other by now.

That joy is for the future but sorrow is in our hearts today. I wish we could wash it away. It wears off so slowly.

I really don’t know how to express it but both of you are so special to me. I want to reach my arms around you. Your loss is ours also. I hope we can bear some of your burden.

I pray that God will shower you with His blessings, flood you with his love and that your sorrow may be swallowed up in joy. Weeping lasts for a night but joy comes in the morning. It is now night and weep we must; and we wait. It will surely pass. The night must give way to the morning sun. The joy will come.

There is a big place in my heart for you. It will always be. I pray that the future will bring us all closer.

May His fullest peace be yours,


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