Thursday, December 28, 2006


We are on the verge of another big snow here in Denver. I wonder if travel around the side streets will be worse than last week since a lot of the old snow is still around with a lot of ruts in the street?

Thankfully we have a snowblower. I think I would have been one of the fatalities last week if we didn't.

I am not planning to work tomorrow. I didn't have anything scheduled and will leave it that way. Last week I had two very urgent jobs that I ended up doing on Friday. One was installing phone jacks in a home that a customer had just moved into. In the process we found that the former owner had cut the phone line to the house down in the crawl space. Try to figure that out.

The second job was assembling Christmas presents for the grandkids of a regular customer. Very important! They live in Cherry Hills which is a country like setting south of Denver. Their home is about two blocks from the plowed dirt road. From there it hadn't been plowed. I ended up having to park in a lot about a half mile from their home . They came in their four wheel drive and picked me up. That was different. The ride back to my van was in the Porsche Cayenne SUV. It did really well as it cleared the snow with it's bottom side. Life is rough.

I'm reading a couple of books. I'm taking my time with both as the content is so good. As soon as I finish I will pass on some of the details. Here is a clue: one is about making marriage better and the other is about why we should be married verses remaining single.

It will soon be a new year. I was thinking yesterday about one of the major lowlights of this past year. There are some good lessons to be learned from it but it's a little hard to write about without stirring up too much emotion. I'll see what I can do on that around the first.

Well, one good thing about the coming snow is that aside from clearing snow, I'll have some time to read. That part I will look forward to.


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