Sunday, December 31, 2006

Kill Them Quick

I came across this article in today's Denver Post (click on it to read). It advocates the screening of all pregnant women for Down syndrome. Previously, screening could only be done later in pregnancy. Now a test is available that can be done in the first trimester.

It was very interesting that the goal of the screening was never mentioned; it's abortion. The goal of the earlier testing is not to do something to help the mother or baby, it's so a cheaper and easier abortion can be done.

I applaud the parents who refuse to do these kinds of tests. I applaud the ones who refuse to label Downs children as not worthy of life or the extra care we might have to give them.

I wonder what the future might hold. Will these kinds of tests become mandatory? Will insurance companies not want to cover the Down child's medical expenses because it could have been prevented? Will prolife doctors be charged with malpractice if they refuse to advocate the screening?

Refuse and resist the slide towards barbarism and death.

In the battle for life,


Here is a link for more information:
National Right to Life on prenatal testing

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