Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas

For the Faustin family, today was the time for family gifts. It is a tradition that started many years ago when we would end up with visits to extended family on Christmas day. So we began getting up on Christmas eve morning and exchanging gifts from each other. Another tradition is tamales and a Mexican fiesta after opening gifts.

One thing different this year is we discovered that the video camera was broken so there will not be a film record of this years festivities. That will probably be the most missed thing as it is so fun to look back years later and see how cute the kids are and how much they have changed.

Tomorrow on Christmas day, we will have another great meal and more visits with family. What a blessing it will be.

Every Christmas I remember back to 1973. It was October 14th of that year that Jesus invaded my life. No. it wasn't forceful or in the warped Calvinist way, but as a result of realizing that I didn't know Him and an awakening that I needed Him. At around 7pm that night I made a decision. I didn't know exactly what it was going to mean but I decided that I wanted to follow Him. In that moment a transformation happened in my life. The next day I wanted to tell people at work about it.

Day by day, He has been with me. Day by day, He has been changing me. Little by little, I am becoming more like Him.

So, I remember every year since then what that Christmas eve was like in 1973. I sat by the tree in our house with only it's lights visible and understood like I never had before what Christmas meant. It's all about Jesus. God came as a man to save me from my sins. He conquered death and sin so that I could be free.

Thank you Jesus.


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