Saturday, August 20, 2011


We like to coast. Pick up a little speed and then just roll along enjoying the scenery. Hills are great for this.

What I find on most of my bike rides is that after I go downhill I soon have another hill to climb. In many cases, the inertia of the downhill helps a lot with the uphill.

When riding with my sons I will try to convey this concept to them. "Pick up some speed, there is a hill coming." Many times I will look back to see Andy lounging his way down the hill, resting and enjoying the scenery. Then he ends up slowly torquing his way up the hill with no help from inertia.

Life is a lot like this. We love to coast. Things are going well, the scenery is great and we are enjoying the ride. Soon trouble appears and we are not ready. Exhaustion and defeat are probable results.

I think things like daily Bible reading and prayer are things we should always do.  When we don't we are not equipped for the coming hills, trials, tribulations and disasters. We soon run out of gas. We panic. We look for help in the wrong places. We ask people to pray for us like all that is needed is a magic incantation to patch things up.

We need the daily rhythms of spiritual disciplines to prepare us for the ups and downs.

Life is hard. I many times find myself on a hill, wondering if this is where I will die. My strength is exhausted, I'm in the lowest gear I have, my muscles are burning and I’m spent. It's in those moments where I am many times surprised to find hidden strength. I hear the voice of Scripture. A prayer from long before for strength is answered. The amazing power of the Holy Spirit becomes available. And I make it over another hill.

But all along the road are casualties; I know many: people who coasted too long; people who forgot to pedal. People who thought it would always be a scenic and easy ride.

I know I could end up there too so I keep pedaling on the downhill. I try to keep a constant pace. I keep filling my mind with Bible thoughts to oppose the daily onslaught from the world, the flesh and the devil. I pray for myself and others that we might live a life pleasing to God.

I know another hill is coming. I hear the voice calling, "Pick up some speed!"