Tuesday, January 1, 2019

New Year’s Predictions


Here are some of my predictions for the coming year:

  • A lot of good things will happen but there will be some bad thrown in the mix.
  • Many people will experience great health and others will live through sickness.
  • People will be born and people will die.
  • There will be ups and there will be downs.
  • Some days you will be happy and some sad. There will be some things you can control and others that will elude your grasp.

The overall outcome of the coming year will be largely determined by what you focus on. Will it be the things you can change or the things you have no control over? For example, I can’t control if I will get sick but there are many things I can do that will make me healthier. I can do something about that.

I can control if God will be given first place in my life. I can make the decision to make prayer, Bible study and self-examination a daily part of my life. Those things will have the greatest actual impact on my life in the coming year. Proverbs 16:16 says that it’s much better to get wisdom and understanding above silver and gold.

So what about those New Year’s resolutions? My advice is to avoid the dramatic; make small changes that you can stick with and live with for life. That’s much better that the big flash that comes and goes and you are left with the same old existence. Make God’s Word a daily part of your life and start a list of people and things that you talk to God about each day. Get those right and you will be surprised about how many of the other things fall into place.

So to my final prediction for the New Year: some people will and some won’t.